Truckers Worried About Speed Cap

A government proposed speed cap will become effective Nov. 7, which will limit the speeds of trucks and buses weighing over 26,000 to 60, 65, or 68 mph on highways. The purpose of the cap is to reduce the number of yearly car-truck accidents. Regulators argue that the cap will reduce the number of mortalities in these types of accidents because the impact of the crash will be less severe if the truck is moving slower.

Many accidents involving trucks, however, are caused by cars rear ending slow moving trucks in the left lane. Truck drivers argue that the speed cap will just increase the number of rear endings because people passing in the left lane will not have time to slow down to make up for the speed difference. The National Traffic Safety Administration, on the other hand, argue that up to 500 lives would be saved if the speed were limited to 60 mph.

Independent truckers are concerned that the cap will only benefit big trucking companies at the expense of independent operators who need to cover more ground each day. While the cap could potentially reduce the number of deaths caused by truck-car accidents, the downsides are evident to truck drivers.