4 Great Reality Trucking TV Shows

Reality TV shows are an inherent part in the age of mass culture. Although the quality of some of these shows in questionable at best, it did give us at least one great thing: reality trucking. Unlike the conventional reality shows that are overly dramatic, reality trucking shows reflect the lifestyle truck driver experience on a daily basis.

It may seem a bit unusual, but real-life truckers can actually learn quite a bit from the reality trucking TV shows. Trucking is a diverse field and many drivers operate in different types of weather and environmental conditions.

Must-Watch Reality Trucking TV Shows

1. Big Risk Bounty Hunters

These truck drivers, the so-called bounty hunters, have to retrieve missing tractor and trailer rigs. They include several crews of recovery crews that will try to recover the cargo for their clients. This show can be found on History Channel.

2. Ice Road Truckers

History Channel also airs this popular reality TV show about ice road truck drivers that transport their loads across frozen lakes and rivers. These ice road truckers or “polar bears” operate in the Arctic areas of Canada and Alaska. They face deadly ice crossing on a daily basis and the show displays the real picture of operating in these severe weather conditions.

3. IRT Deadliest Roads

This reality show was filmed in India, specifically the Himalayas and features some of the most extreme roads in the world. Some of America and Canada’s toughest and most experienced truckers are testing everything they know to operate in these conditions.

4. World’s Toughest Trucker

This show features a contest between truckers. In order to win the price of $150,000, these truck drives are challenged to navigate different routes in numerous countries, such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Mongolia, Scotland and so on. You can find this show on Channel 5.